John Smith

Born in Cobh, a returned ex-pat John Smith works in the pharmaceutical sciences sector.

John founded East Cork Cinema Club in 2009 with a friend and he has been involved in the running of East Cork Cinema Club, a volunteer-run film society in Cobh, ever since.

East Cork Cinema Club has collaborated with a number of local arts organisations including Sirius Arts Centre, the Readers and Writers Festival and the First Cut Film Festival, as well as running a Documentary Film Festival in Cobh.

He has been an active participant in many local arts projects and festivals in the past decade and is also on the Board of Access Cinema based in Dublin.

Vice Chairman:
 Fionnghuala Smith

Passionate Proprietor of Cobh Pastimes Old Time Photography Studio – the only studio of its sort in the whole of Ireland! 

A businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and an extremely talented photographer, this lady has give such huge drive and energy to the committee since the creation of Cobh Readers and Writers.

Trish Carlos

Trish is a hard working mum of two boys.  

An English teacher by day and a writer by night and a mum always, she also finds time to be a successful author.

She is passionate and dedicated in her mission to promote all things written in Cobh.

She is part of the team who organise and manage the annual schools and adult short story competition.

Peter Kidney

A man who never rests when it comes to creating and promoting the beautiful town of Cobh.

The driving force behind Cobh Cottage Markets (formally known as Cobh Summer Swing), Peter is a small business owner who brings huge experience and vital expertise to the the committee.

Public Relations Officer:
Ruairí de Barra

A blow in from Mayo, Ruairí is a sailor with a writing problem who is always willing to be involved in volunteer projects when benefit his adopted town.

He comes to the committee after having been part of the successful Cobh Playground Fundraising team.

Working Member:
Anna Keating

Anna is an exceptionally kind and generous lady, who as a local teacher never ceases working to promote and support her community in many ways.

She is a key part of the team who organise and manage the annual schools and adult short story competition.

Working Member:
Mary Grannell

Mary runs the Great Island writing group has taken many of its members of their comfort zones — they presented poems publicly at culture night 2016 and, more recently, a writing exercise had them killing off a character.

“It ended up being almost a therapy session,” says Grannell. For this group, the process and mutual support is everything.

“It’s none of our priority to get out there and do the three-book deal,” says Grannell.

If you would like to become a part of the committee, then we would love to hear from you.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Past Committee Members:

Paula Courtney

Paula was central to the committee efforts from the begins of the Cobh Readers and Writers group.

As the local librarian, she provided a service to the community which was always above and beyond.

It was with sadness that she had to leave the committee when her work required her to move elsewhere.

Her legacy is growing festival , a committee which continues to work hard like she always did and friendships which will endure for years to come.

Thank you is all we can say.

Anne McSweeney

Anna is a local writer and all-round great lady.

She has written many wonderful books, often connected with our Great Island, or this magnificent harbour.

A founding member, she brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the committee. 

Thank you is all we can say.

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