Keeping the flame lit.

Festival 2023, News

Rory Gallagher connected deeply with people around the world through his music. While there are many groups, fans, and websites keeping the flame his lit alive.

The ultmate offical website passing that bright light through the generations is

The Rory Gallagher website is a great resource for fans of the legendary Irish blues guitarist. The website features a wealth of information about Gallagher’s life and career, including a detailed biography, discography, and timeline of his life.

His brother Dónal writes on the site “If Rory was still here, I think my brother’s thoughts would be with the difficulties faced by the working musicians of these times, so,  I guess he would like us to celebrate his memory listening to the music he bequeathed us, if possible ‘live’, performed by Rory’s legion of fine players and on all instruments – from bagpipes to bodhrans!”

Another standout features of the website is the “Archive” section, which includes rare photos, videos, and audio recordings of Gallagher throughout his career. Fans will also appreciate the “News” section, which provides updates on upcoming releases and events related to Gallagher.

An excellent resource for fans of one of Ireland’s most beloved musicians.

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