Govert de Roos.

Goovert de Roos.
Credit: With the kind permission of Goovert de Roos.

Govert de Roos is a Dutch photographer who has captured some of the most iconic images of pop music and culture. He started his career as a teenager in the late 1960s, when he used his enthusiasm and creativity to get access to live concerts and events. He was able to photograph legends such as John Lennon, Yoko Ono, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Kate Bush, Grace Jones, Blondie, Prince, Queen, and many more.

He also captured Rory Gallagher, as he explains himself to the official Rory Gallagher page.

“Rory did a couple of shows in Holland in March 1976. First time I met him was at the Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam on March 21st to make some portraits. We hit it off pretty well so I decided to shoot some pictures at his live show in The Hague on March 23. After the gig I asked him if we could do another shoot in my studio with all his guitars. I was really impressed by his collection he brought along on tour. Due to time schedule and logistics it wasn’t possible but he invited me to come to another show. So on March 26 1976 I built up a little studio backstage at the Turfschip Venue in Breda (Netherlands) where we did this ‘guitar shoot’ prior to his show. The dog in that picture was from a guy from the record company who was walking around and just being very curious. He started sitting there and I started shooting. Rory loved that interaction and there’s also a picture with that the dog on his lap. I spent the whole week with Rory, saw three shows and remember him as a nice and sweet guy. And most of all enormously talented. I’m glad and very proud that this picture was selected to be on the cover of this amazing set. Enjoy!.”


De Roos was not only interested in taking pictures of famous stars, but also in portraying their personalities and emotions. He had a knack for creating a rapport with his subjects and making them feel comfortable and relaxed. He also experimented with different techniques and styles, such as black and white, color, collage, and digital manipulation. He was always looking for new ways to express his artistic vision and to surprise his audience.

De Roos was also a popular photographer for many Dutch artists, who trusted him to create their album covers, posters, and publicity shots. He worked with singers such as André Hazes, Patricia Paay, Rob de Nijs, Sandra Reemer, and Sheila E. He also photographed actors, athletes, politicians, and other celebrities from various fields. He had a diverse and versatile portfolio that reflected his passion and curiosity for people and culture.

De Roos is still active as a photographer today, and he has opened his archives to the public. He sells his artworks online through his website, where he offers different editions and formats of his prints. He also publishes books and slideshows of his work, and participates in exhibitions and events. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential and respected photographers of his generation.

De Roos is not only a photographer, but also a storyteller. He has documented the history and evolution of pop music and culture through his lens. He has created images that are memorable, inspiring, and timeless. He has shown the world the beauty and diversity of human expression. He is a true master of his craft and a legend in his own right.

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