Cobh R&W Daily Word Prompts Entries ~ Day 4, 17/03/20

Daily Writing Prompts
Cobh R&W Daily Prompts ~ Day 4

Another fantastic days of prompts. Here are the results of the amazingly creative people who have joined in on our daily escapade!

Short Story.
‘From my prone position in the bed I could see the clock, the hands turning agonisingly slowly towards eleven o clock. The clock was just above the door, which was convenient, as I had no ability to turn my head.

Like clockwork the door opened exactly at eleven and he glided into the room, his easy smile instantly lighting up the room. He was energetic and oozed reassurance and confidence. 

“Ready for our daily workout?”, he inquired. 

The human body can be an amazing and yet devastating place for a 27 year old suffering an injury. The brain can retain all function and awareness even when the body has ceased to function. I attempted a smile and politely agreed, but I could hear only my guttural response, which he seemed to presume was consent. 

20 minutes later, having watched him carefully flex and extend these useless joints, he arranged my body on the bed, inclined the bed slightly and placed a water sponge against my lips to ease the dryness. 

And just like that, the most interesting part of my day departed with a “plan” to return tomorrow at the same time. He flashed a smile at me, as the hospital door closed slowly behind him. I looked up at the clock. Only another 23 hours and 30 minutes until he returned with his charming smile. ‘

by Elaine Hogan.

Elaine Hogan.
Elaine Hogan is Chartered Physiotherapist, and a Mum. An extremely experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist she has worked with the Irish Defence Forces and Irish Naval Services, as well as with numerous sports teams. She was a runner-up in the Cobh R&W Short Story Competition of 2019.

Eileen Carney Hulme

Eilleen is a Poet in Scotland, she has had three books published.
Stroking The Air (2005), The Space Between Rain (2010), and The Stone Messenger (2015).

We are honoured to have here contribute to our daily prompt. What company to be keeping.

Find her on Twitter @strokingtheair or on her website below:

Eileen Carney Hulme

Robin McNamara
Robin is a published poet, former sports writer, a Green Party member, and he will have a poetry book coming out in 2020. You can find him on Twitter @thewindingroad1

Damien Donnelly
Damien Donnelly, is a 43-year-old Irishman born and reared in Dublin until the age of 22 when he took off to Paris with a degree in Fashion design but without a word of French.
He instantly fell in love with the city and it was home for two years and then moved to London where he rested for 6 years until Amsterdam and The Netherlands tempted him with work for 10 years, until he finally decided to return to Paris at the age of 40.  He has just returned home to Dublin.
You can find him on Twitter @deuxiemepeau and his website below:

Ruairí de Barra is from Co. Mayo and now resides in Co. Cork.
He is a sailor, an award-winning military journalist, and a poet. He is the Public Relations Officer for Cobh Readers and Writers.
His creative work has featured with TinteánA New UlsterLive Encounters, Bangor Literary Journal, The Ranthology Anthology, Black Bough Poetry, The Boston Globe, Boston Accent,  and all his work can be read on

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