Cobh R&W Daily Word Prompts Entries ~ Day 3, 16/03/20

Daily Writing Prompts
Cobh R&W Daily Prompts ~ Day 3

Day 3:

The results of the third daily writing prompt are in. We are delighted that people sent in more brilliant poetry and micro-short stories!

These works stand for themselves. Read, enjoy, and thank you so much for creating and sharing!

False Hope.
With payment overdue for words you’d promised would explain your absence from any care of finding our lost happiness – although it wasn’t set in stone, I still drank from the cup of your lies as the rain of promises hurled down false hope.

by Robin McNamara

Robin McNamara

Robin is a published poet, former sports writer, a Green Party member, and he will have a poetry book coming out in 2020. You can find him on Twitter @thewindingroad1

Eileen Carney Hulme

Eilleen is a Poet in Scotland, she has had three books published.
Stroking The Air (2005), The Space Between Rain (2010), and The Stone Messenger (2015).

We are honoured to have here contribute to our daily prompt. What company to be keeping.

Find her on Twitter @strokingtheair or on her website below:

Stiofán Sopelza

“Hey Paddy ” , Aisling, his wife shouted from the kitchen whilst getting him breakfast , “don’t CARE about the STONE wall work today ” , “please go ahead with the PAYMENT for the HURL or our son won t bring any Liam McCarthy CUP back to Galway this year!”

by Stiofán Sopelza

Stiofán is a ‘retired sailor, mariner, fisherman, rescue swimmer, first responder, father, husband and tour guide. You can find him on Twitter @sopelza

Damien Donnelly

Damien Donnelly, is a 43-year-old Irishman born and reared in Dublin until the age of 22 when he took off to Paris with a degree in Fashion design but without a word of French.

He instantly fell in love with the city and it was home for two years and then moved to London where he rested for 6 years until Amsterdam and The Netherlands tempted him with work for 10 years, until he finally decided to return to Paris at the age of 40.  He has just returned home to Dublin.

You can find him on Twitter @deuxiemepeau and his website below:


All along the ditch bordering,
Georgie Clarke’s furze field,
you hurl stone after stone,
at nests of blackbird and wren,
no care for fledglings,
or warming speckled eggs.

Short piercing whistle,
amid fluttering caws,
wired haired terrier,
targets multi-coloured shoe,
grabbing payment,
for disruption,
of nature’s gifting cup.

by Marie Studer.


Clochafarmore is the name of the stone against which Cuchulainn exhaled his last.

In those last agonising moments, as the glossy raven eyed him hungrily,

did he recall that hurl of the ball against the dark, red throat of the hound?

Though to the end he fought a brave and frenzied fight,

did he curse himself for flailing Ferdia, the one with whom he always shared a cup?

Under the care of ever watchful Scathach, two boys together intertwined grew strong.

Now, standing upright, weapons clutched with rattling breath and oozing scarlet tears,

does the valiant hero battle now against regret and feel a payment made?  

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a heart for a heart?

by Bernie Carney

Bernie Carney is a Mother of four and Grandmother to three.  She works as Company Director at commercial archaeology firm, Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd and was born and has lived all of her life in Cobh. 
Bernie’s interests are photography, the natural world, history, reading, gym and an occasional bit of sketching/painting. 
While writing and poetry have always been perimeter interests, Bernie has recently felt drawn to express herself more via written word and hopes to explore this new territory as often as spare time allows. 
Bernie is the inaugural winner of the 1st Annual Cobh Readers and Writers Poetry Competition 2019.

Ruairí de Barra is from Co. Mayo and now resides in Co. Cork.

He is a sailor, an award-winning military journalist, and a poet. He is the Public Relations Officer for Cobh Readers and Writers.

His creative work has featured with Tinteán, A New Ulster, Live Encounters, Bangor Literary Journal, The Ranthology Anthology, Black Bough Poetry, The Boston Globe, Boston Accent,  and all his work can be read on

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