Cobh R&W Daily Word Prompts Entries ~ Day 1, 14/03/20

Daily Writing Prompts
Cobh R&W Daily Writing Prompt ~ Day 1

Day 1:

The results of the first daily writing prompt efforts are in. We are delighted that people took the time to engage and be creative. We suspect that by the time this troubling period is through, we will have quite the collection of poems, micropoems, short story and microshorts!

No not all these followed the rules exactly, so…we are going to go with over enthusiasm and included them all anyway!

Damien Donnelly.

Damien Donnelly, is a 43-year-old Irishman born and reared in Dublin until the age of 22 when he took off to Paris with a degree in Fashion design but without a word of French. He instantly fell in love with the city and it was home for two years and then moved to London where he rested for 6 years until Amsterdam and The Netherlands tempted him with work for 10 years, until he finally decided to return to Paris at the age of 40.  He has just returned home to Dublin.

He set the bar very high with this poem and painting on Day 1. Exceptional work.

You can find him on Twitter @deuxiemepeau and his website below:

Parties & Politics ~ Damien Donnelly

The Politics of Shamrocks ~ Damien Donnelly

The Chocolate Cake

You – a delicious temptation
moulding that smoldering
look of a devilish smirk, 
like a heartbreaker cake
that caramelizes my feelings
leaving crumbs of desire
so tantalizingly close.
you tease with a subtle touch
upon my subconscious desire,
I write – you inspire – I admire
you –
devilish tease

by Robin McNamara

Robin is a published poet, former sports writer, a Green Party member, and he will have a poetry book coming out in 2020. You can find him on Twitter @thewindingroad1

Stan Notte

‘As I gazed at the small crop of carrots
crowded on a shelf I could not reach,
I knew their memory would be evanescent that,
in moments,
I would forget how they tasted on my eyes,
that the close up image
of them inhabiting
a side portion
of a plate dominated
by a glistening breast
a wing of which
clutched a neighboring roast potato
in a manner akin to a mother
holding a infant
would remain unwritten.’

Stan Notte
#Writer#Designer#Poetry . #Creative#Artist#Poet

Stanley Notte is one of Ireland’s most talented writers, speakers and spoken word artists. His work has been published in numerous publications including:The Writer’s Magazine, The Galway Review, Stanza’s Chapbook’s, O’Bheal Anthologies, The Evening Echo, Lagans Online and Poetry Day Ireland Mix. He has been invited as a guest speaker on radio and events including:Ray D’arcy show Today FM, RED FM, Soho Radio London, and Numerous festivals and venues including Live At Saint Lukes, Body and Soul, Independence, Bare In The Woods and It Takes A Village. His combination of poetry, music and story -telling has received wide industry and TV recognition.

Painted Harbour.
Gaze across the painted harbour,
Far away from crying crowded piers,
Where the evanescent liner,
Breaks the sky then disappears,
Unwritten heartaches by the hundreds,
The empty tenders roll returning,
With their well polished rails,
Such tasty work,
Nourished with linseed oil and tears.

by Ruairí de Barra

Ruairí de Barra is the Public Relations Officer for Cobh Readers and Writers. He started this Daily Prompt effort, so he’d better keep it going!

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