Cobh Readers & Writers Daily Word Prompts ~ Day 1, 14/03/20

Daily Writing Prompts

Seeing as how we are all going to be spending lots of exact time indoors over next few weeks, in particular with all these creative children, who may run out of things to do!

We are going to run a daily writing prompt post!

Just write a Story, Poem, Limerick, Ode or Epic or maybe even some Calligraphy!

If you like, just use the words to inspire a sketch or a painting.

Using the words below, from the online random word generator:


Send them in here to us, post them in the comments, just take a photo to encourage handwriting practise (we all need it these days!), or email to

We’ll add them to our website as well each day! Its nearly ready to go, and many of its pages are now live.

More kiddos than normal MAY be reading here, with their Mums & Dads, so please please please do not send in anything too heavy or inappropriate!

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